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Assignment #1 Instructions: 1. Please type your answers to each of the questions below. 2. Be sure to label your answers (e.g., 1.a., 1. b., etc.). 3. Refer to the grading rubric found on the following page of this document. 4. This assignment must be submitted to Safe Assign and a paper copy handed to your lab instructor at the beginning of lab the week it is due. Part 1: Organizational Culture (Module 3) - Reducing Values Conflict at Zappos Point your favorite browser to and watch the video about why online shoe retailer Zappos pays new employees to quit. Then answer the following questions: a. Why would Zappos offer to pay its employees $1,000 to quit? How does Zappos try to ensure a good fit between its values and those of the people it hires? (5 points) b. Why is the fit between employee and company values so important to Zappos and its customer service strategy? (5 points) c. Evaluate Zappo’s strategy. What are the pros and cons of this approach? (5 points)
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LA%20#1%20Org%20Culture%20%26%20Ind%20Differences%20S11 -...

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