in class 1 - In-Class Individual Assignment #1 (Due Sept 7)...

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Unformatted text preview: In-Class Individual Assignment #1 (Due Sept 7) Instructions for In – Class Assignment # 1: Assignment # 1has three parts, A, B and C. This assignment is an individual assignment, with one different submission from each member of your team. Bring your completed assignment to class Sept 7. See the syllabus for grading rubric and late penalty. A. What is your requested Marketing Plan topic? B. Do all your teammates agree? (Yes, No, Don’t Know) C. Google (or other search engine or source) “XXXXX trend” where XXXXX is the industry your brand competes in. A trend is something that is new, different or changing. For example the Ford Edge is a brand in the auto industry. What is a key trend in the auto industry that Ford would track? In the space provided here, print one industry trend citation that is different than your teammates. a. Your Industry Trend Citation (state URL, etc. and title of the piece) b. Your Industry Trend (state one sentence that summarizes one key trend – or change – for your industry) * The responsibility of each team member is to check with their teammates to determine that their citation is different from all others on the team. Duplicate citations will not receive full credit for this assignment. Contact each of your teammates to be certain that a different citation is submitted by each person. Use your results in “Marketing Plan Template Fall 2010,” pages 1, 2, 4, and 12. Team # Print Your Name Plan Name Signature * * It is an Honor Code violation to sign for another student ...
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This note was uploaded on 02/03/2011 for the course MARKETING 301 taught by Professor Hopner during the Fall '11 term at George Mason.

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in class 1 - In-Class Individual Assignment #1 (Due Sept 7)...

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