in class 3 - In-Class Team Assignment #3 (Due Sept...

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Unformatted text preview: In-Class Team Assignment #3 (Due Sept 21)Instructions for In Class Assignment # 2:This assignment is a team assignment, one submission fromeach team.To complete this assignment you will need to learn about the brand you have selected by interviewing friends and family about the brand, going to the companys website, interviewing company management and staff, etc. This assignment has three sections A, B, and C. Section A requires you to determine 1. How the companys marketing excels (e.g., What is unique about the brand?), 2. Where their marketing is vulnerable (e.g., How is the brand no different than the competition?), 3. The marketing opportunities available for the brand (e.g., How will it grow in the future?), and 4. The marketing threats faced by the brand (e.g., What could cause the brand to lose sales?). Section B asks you to determine the top three reasons why customers choose your brand (e.g., price, quality, taste, status, etc.) and the source of information you used (e.g., interview friends and family about the company, go to the companys website, interview company management and staff, etc.) to determine the three reasons your team selected. In Section C, state what your team concludes is the biggest issue faced by the brand. See your textbook Chapter 2 to learn about SWOT and Situation Analysis....
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in class 3 - In-Class Team Assignment #3 (Due Sept...

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