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Ms. Ashley Denny Monon Elementary School 167 W. St. Rd. 16 • Monon, IN 47959 Dear Ms. Denny, My name is Brooke Fath. I am in my second semester at Purdue University. I am dual majoring in special and elementary education. I am from Columbus, Indiana and attended Columbus North High School. I am extremely active at Purdue, participating in Best Buddies, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Cheer and Stunt Club, and sorority life. I have known I wanted to be a teacher for several years. When I was a girl I received a chalkboard for Christmas. For years I would force my parents and my two younger sisters to be my students in my classroom. I would use old textbooks for them to do assignments and would give lessons on my chalkboard. I remember thinking to myself this was the coolest job ever. My dream of becoming a teacher continued my senior year when I took teacher education at my high school. I went to my field experience four times a week, and Friday we would meet back as a class and talk about how each other’s week went at field
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Unformatted text preview: experience. Everyday at field I had to write a reflection about my day. My field teacher, Mrs. Beeker, had been teaching for over 50 years and I learned a lot of lessons about teaching from her. Another activity I participated in that increased my desire to be a teacher was Best Buddies. I learned from Best Buddies those with special needs are just like everyone else. They have feelings and can express themselves. They make mistakes and learn. Best Buddies made me realize I wanted to teach special education. The special needs students are so passionate about learning, they respect what you have to offer them as a teacher, and seeing them grow intellectually is very rewarding. I am looking forward to working with you this semester. I really appreciate your time in volunteering to be my field experience teacher. This means a lot to me, as this is my first step to my teaching career. Sincerely, Brooke [email protected]
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