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Brooke Fath Project 1 EDCI 205 2/3/2011 I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher. I’ve always pictured myself working with children and being able to share my knowledge with them. When I was about ten years old, I would force my two younger sisters and my parents to sit down in a circle and pretend to be my students. We had a chalkboard in our basement that I would perform lessons on, and I would assign homework to them in my old textbooks from school. Being a teacher is an extremely rewarding job, you get to watch children grow and learn. You get to prepare the people of the future. There is no other occupation I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. My dad plays an enormous role with my education. My dad attended a private Catholic school from kindergarten through high school. He was an extremely smart student growing up making straight A’s every year of his schooling. My dad went to Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, graduating top ten in his class. After high school he went to IUPUI to major in Electrical Engineering. Not only was he smart, but also he was able to pay for his own education due to his hard work at the diner he worked at and making good grades for some scholarships. He grew up being one of six kids in his family. Although my grandpa worked, it was not enough money to send all of his kids to college. In order for my dad or my aunts and uncles to receive a college education, they had to pay for it themselves. My dad was and still is an extremely hard worker. I look up to him for many reasons. My dad always wants what is best for me and pushes me to succeed. Without my dad I wouldn’t have had the drive I needed to do well in school. His first priority in life has always been about his children. He wants to give us t he best life we can possible live.
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I attended St. Bartholomew Catholic School from kindergarten through 8 th grade. It was a small school that consists of around 380 students. There were two classrooms for each grade; each classroom contained around 20-25 students. We were required to wear dress code. Boys could wear khaki or navy pants or shorts (no cargo). Girls could wear khaki or navy shorts, skirts, or pants. The only colored shirts that were allowed were navy blue, green, red, yellow, white, and red. All shirts were to be collared and could not have any writing or logos. We were required to wear belts if there were buckle loops, and shirts had to be tucked in. The only shoes allowed were tennis shoes or dress shoes, but they had to completely support and cover the foot. Girls could only have piercings in their ears and nail polish was not permitted.
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project one - Brooke Fath Project 1 EDCI 205 2/3/2011 Ive...

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