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English project2partA

English project2partA - B rooke Fath English 106 Project 2...

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Brooke Fath English 106 Project 2 Part A 10/8/2010 Students are supposed to respect their teachers. Not only are teachers the students’ elders, but they are also donating their time to teach, to make the young successful. In return teachers are supposed to give all their knowledge to their students. Also, if a student gets into trouble, a student should be able to defend himself to his teacher. That is respect that a teacher can give to his students. The statement “innocent until proven guilty” should pertain to school, unless the student is caught in action. Through kindergarten through my senior year of high school I never received a detention. I always focused on doing well on my work and having superb behavior in he classroom. I always participated in classroom activities and volunteered on a regular basis. I seemed to create relationships with all of my teachers until I met my freshman English teacher, Mrs. Hageman. Students spread information about her I did not want to hear such as “Oh, good luck with her Brooke”, or “You will never pass her class”, but I assumed all those were rumors, that no teacher could actually be that rude and disrespectful. I was wrong.
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One of my major assignments for my English class was our essay over the novel, Tale of Two Cities . Mrs. Hageman would give us twenty minutes during our class period to work on our essays. While writing my paper I had a question about the topic of my paper. Mrs. Hageman always said if we had any questions feel free to come up to her desk to ask for help. I took her advice and asked her my question, but she did not respond to my question with an answer that was beneficial. The response she gave me was completely
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English project2partA - B rooke Fath English 106 Project 2...

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