narrative - B rooke Fath Narrative There are many...

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Brooke Fath Narrative There are many performances and techniques I learned through this project. I thought I knew a lot about computers and the different software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Illustrator, however, I only knew the basics of each of the programs. One of the programs I almost knew nothing about was Excel. I knew how to fill in my information within the cells and do the basic performances, however, this was my first time using Excel on my Mac book laptop. Normally to adjust the cell size the cursor will change to a double arrow sign and you drag the cells however long or short you want them. For the Mac book you can only adjust the cells by dragging the cell margins on top of the screen. It took me around ten minutes just to figure out how to adjust my cells on my Mac. Another thing that I learned from Excel was how to mail- merge and filter my data. I had no idea what mail- merge meant when I first heard it. I watched the video and read the book, but still was fairly confused due to me owning a
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narrative - B rooke Fath Narrative There are many...

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