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the incredibles2

the incredibles2 - Brooke Fath English 106 Part B What is...

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Brooke Fath English 106 Part B What is the Perfect Family? Is there such thing as a perfect family? Throughout the years many families are aiming to seek the qualities of the 1950’s family. According to the “1950’s Family Experiment”, an essay in the novel ReReading America , people watched shows such as “Donna Reed”, “Ozzie and Harriet”, “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” to see how families were supposed to live- and also get some reassurance that their family was in the right direction. This 1950’s family, also known as the “traditionally family” is defined as a family containing a breadwinner father and a housewife mother that has two to three children. The family eats meals together, is involved in many extra-curricular activities, practices one religion, and strives for success and perfection. Is this the way families are supposed to act? According to dictionary.com the definition for perfection is something entirely without flaws, defects, or shortcomings. How can a family live their life without any flaws or disagreements? How can they live without any hardships or strife? Can the average family obtain perfection if truly desired? In the movie “The Incredibles” the family must strive to seek perfection in order to hide their secret identity as superheroes. When Mr. Incredible finds himself in crucial trouble, he needs his children to forget their normality of not using their super powers to save him from the evil robot. When the family is first introduced to the film, they are displayed as the “normal family”. Mr. Incredible has a money making job, providing his family with shelter, food, and other necessary belongings. The family lives in a typical middle class home in the suburbs consisting of an upstairs and basement and about three
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or four bedrooms. The house is decorated and designed very home oriented. The kitchen has a long table for the five of them to sit and eat a meal together. An island is placed in the middle of the kitchen for Mrs. Incredible to give her extra space to make and serve her meals. The family will sit and talk about their day together at the dinner table just like the typical American family. The family room consists of a TV, two couches, and a chair. Each child has their own bedroom in the house, and Mr. and Mrs. Incredible share the fourth bedroom. Mr. Incredible drives a little blue car to work everyday and Mrs. Incredible has a mini van for her daily activities such as running the kids to school and
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the incredibles2 - Brooke Fath English 106 Part B What is...

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