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Brooke Fath English 106 Part B The Incredibles: Family Vs. Super Hero The model 1950’s family has never existed, it never will. Although some qualities of the model have existed such as a working father and house- wife mother, the complete stereotype will never be found. There is no such thing as a family who never fights or family struggles. Through struggles and hardships follows understanding and love for one another. Families try so hard to seek that perfection of the 1950’s family when in reality it does not exist. In the movie the Incredibles, the family is far from the 1950’s model family. The Incredible’s have a dark secret, they each have mind blowing super powers. In order to save their secret identity, the Incredibles must display what they believe is normal to the people of their town. When Mr. Incredible loses his job, he takes on the role of a superhero again for his new job in destroying a robot. He soon discovers the person controlling the robot is an evil villain wanting to destroy all superheroes. Once his wife Mrs. Incredible finds out her husband is in trouble, her and the rest of the family drop all their normal values and use their powers to save Mr. Incredible. In
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the movie there are examples of how the family is a model family and examples of how they are not a model family. Some examples how the family does not portray the average family are family arguments, being fired from work, and dishonestly. Some examples of how the family is the typical American family are having a house- wife mother, a bread- winner father, living in a middle class home, and working together to solve problems. Paragraph about how family argues throughout the movie. Examples are fights between mother and children, Dash and Violet fights, Dad and mom fights. Paragraph about Mr. Incredible about not liking and losing his job.
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the incredibles - B rooke Fath English 106 Part B The...

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