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final exam notes - Parliamentary debate opposition of...

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Parliamentary debate resolution—government // opposition of resolution –opposition Lincoln-douglas debate topics call into question values and moral principles Policy debates Policy Debates (sometimes also referred to as cross-examination debate) requires two- person teams to address whether or not a certain, specific policy should be implemented. In this format, the affirmative team presents a plan to implement the resolution and the negative team argues that either the plan is disadvantageous or that the plan is less desirable than the status quo. To develop arguments around the following proposition: women in the workplace ought to be paid similarly to their male counterparts for doing equal work. To support this claim in a Lincoln Douglas debate you would have to develop an argument based on values, and morals. The argument would have to address people’s views and opinions and persuade them to support your view and opinion on the topic. To support this claim in a parliamentary debate the argument should be for the resolution of this problem. The argument should contain information about the negative impacts of the issue and the positive outcomes if the problem is resolved. To support this claim in a policy your argument should be to implement a policy to address this problem and change the status quo. An example of a Parliamentary Debate argument would be towards enforcing equality in the workplace especially in relation to pay, will help to build strength, and unity, within a company. This argument would be strong for a Parliamentary Debate because it’s arguing for equality in the workplace as a resolution towards the issue of pay. It incorporates a solution to better the company, however such an argument would not be considered strong in a policy debate because it is to broad. Policy debates are focused towards implementing specific policies and the more detailed and in depth the arguments are the stronger and more persuasive they become. An example of a Lincoln-Douglas Debate argument would be that women have fought for several years to be treated as equals to men and if we do not pay our
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final exam notes - Parliamentary debate opposition of...

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