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George Mason University Department of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering ENGR 117 – Information Technology for Engineering Spring 2011 Syllabus Class Time Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday 12:00-1:15 pm ONLINE Text Numerical Methods with VBA Programming , Hiestand, James W., Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbery, Massachusetts, 2009. Course Catalog Description Introduces elements of computing essentials for engineering students. Topics include hardware fundamentals; number systems; data types; variables; expressions; information process modeling with flow charts; data transmission; arrays; integer and floating point arithmetic; pseudo code development; spreadsheet modeling; scripting and rapid prototyping; fundamentals of web technology; and legal and ethical considerations (including privacy, intellectual property, and appropriate uses of technology). Objective of the Course After completing this course, students are expected to. .. • understand the historical context for computing in scientific and engineering applications • become fluent in spreadsheet analysis including the use of formulas, charts, data analysis, and solvers • develop competency in computing and programming fundamentals such as data types, variables, program flow, input/output, and procedural methods • comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of scripting over compiled languages and their use for automating tasks in science and engineering • create a foundation onto which computing knowledge and skills may be applied to future coursework, applied on engineering licensure examinations, and used in professional practice. • develop aptitude in 3D modeling and apply scripting to enable behavior and properties to 3D models of engineering objects • commit to an attitude of life-long-learning with technology. Homework There will be weekly homework assignments. These will be published on the course website and will be typically due in one week. Late homework will not be accepted . Homework assignments may consist of problem sets, written assignments or study for in-class quizzes. Be sure to review the complete set of Rules Governing Homework. Software
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This note was uploaded on 02/03/2011 for the course ENGR 117 taught by Professor Durant during the Spring '11 term at George Mason.

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ENGR117Syllabus2011 - George Mason University Department of...

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