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American Political Process class notes

American Political Process class notes - 4...

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American Political Process: 9/1/10 1776: independence from England Articles of Confederation: gave powers to states not federal government. This caused currency and tax problems 1787: constitutional convention 27 amendments 1788 ratified Federalists: strong national gov Anti federalists: power to the state Bicameral: idea of house and senate House is based on pop Senate every state has 2 3/5 compromise: slaves were counted as a 3/5 of a person they wanted to keep the voting balanced in north and south 2/3 majority: regard to votes needed in a treaty Key features of the constitution: Federalism: balance of state and federal Separation of powers: 3 branches Checks and balances 9/3/10 Recall Proposed Amendments: 1. ERA: equal rights amendment 2. Balanced budget: passed house but not senate 3. Flag Burning
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Unformatted text preview: 4. prolife/prochoice 5. federal marriage amendment; same sex marriages Checks and Balances: 1. vetoes/ overrides 2. impeachment 3. confirmation 4. supreme courts declares laws unconstitutional 5. president-commander in chief 6. congress- power to declare war 7. pres administers law 8. congress provides the money 9. staggered terms for elected officials 10. different consistencies: officials representing different areas and views 11. federal judge : life terms 9/8/10 Art 1: legislature: Art 2: executive Art 3: judicial Art 4: interstate relations Art 5: amendments Art 6: supreme law Art 7: ratification 9/13/10 Chisolm v. Georgia: 1793 11 th amendment Marbury v. Madison: 1803 est. judicial review election of 1800 McCullon v. Maryland 1819 doctorine of implied power...
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