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class notes WP - World Politics 1/5/11 Class 1: Chapter 1:...

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World Politics 1/5/11 Class 1: Chapter 1: International Theories 1. Realism: massive interest in conflict, pessimistic, hostile towards peace: Hobbes 2. Liberalism: less dire than realism, more optimistic, believes in cooperation 3. Constructionist: leaders construction of reality 4. Economic: want to generate wealth: economy casual, want to gain control of resources 5. Feminist-Male Domination: last 20 years. à 1 reason for conflict and war is because world leaders are all male, fighting is apart of their DNA. Feminism encourages human rights à Afghanistan woman’s right in the workforce, education, birth control. Realist finds liberal à derisive liberalists find realists à too utopian 1. Ex: efforts to limit nuclear weapons is Russia and USA a. Realist: like SALT movie, Russia is planning on killing everyone. More republican/conservative i. People slide back and forth between the 2 theories. Constructivist perspective: PRC: they have developed weapons. US finds it a threat a so called “rising power”. China is developing these weapons to deter an attack in the future. One must deal with both country A and B perspective. Individual Perception of reality: what the leaders think the world is at a specific time. This is the driving force of international relations. Threat/opportunity fuel the reality. Perceptions are educated guesses of the other state. Bush said that Iraq had nuclear weapons à educated guesses The news also refuses to admit to educated guesses, citizens do not really have input on foreign policy we follow the leadership of the cabinet of executives. Ex: Cuban Missile Crisis: 8 people were involved; trade: many people
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class notes WP - World Politics 1/5/11 Class 1: Chapter 1:...

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