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Unformatted text preview: Urban Studies DOI: 10.1080/0042098993033 1999; 36; 1361 Urban Stud Emily Talen Social Doctrine of New Urbanism Sense of Community and Neighbourhood Form: An Assessment of the The online version of this article can be found at: Published by: On behalf of: Urban Studies Journal Limited can be found at: Urban Studies Additional services and information for Email Alerts: Subscriptions: Reprints: Permissions: Citations at UNIV OF FLORIDA on March 24, 2010 Downloaded from U rban Studies, Vol. 36, No. 8, 1361 1379, 1999 Sense of Community and Neighbourhood Form: An Assessment of the Social Doctrine of New Urbanism Emily Talen [Paper rst received, April 1997; in nal form, March 1998] Su m m ary. New urban ism , an um brella term w hich encom p asses `neotrad ition al develop m ent as well as `trad ition al neigh b ou rhood design , lives by an un sw ervin g belief in the ab ility of the bu ilt environ m ent to create a `sen se of com m unity . The purpose of this pap er is to assess w heth er the social doctrin e of n ew u rban ism can be successfu lly su pported or at least integrated w ith the social scien ce literatu re w hich deals with th e question of com m unity form ation . Tow ard s this goal, the pap er rst delin eates the social doctrin e of new u rban ism , an d then discu sses the con cep tual fram ew ork s an d em pirical n dings that eith er sup port or con trad ict the idea that a sen se of com m unity w ill follow the physical form of cities an d neigh b ou rhood s gen erally an d new urban ist prin cip les speci cally. After layin g this grou ndwork , th e rem ain der of the pap er presen ts an assessm ent of w heth er a recon ciliation betw een research an d doctrin e m ay be possib le, in ligh t of variou s ap paren t con trad iction s b etw een th e social claim s of new urban ists an d the resu lts of research by social scien tists. It is con clu ded that new urb an ists need to clarify the m ean ing of sen se of com m unity as it pertain s to ph ysical design . F urth er, it is m ain tain ed that w hile som e research su pports the idea th at resid ent interactio n an d sen se of com m unity are related to environ m ental factors, the effectu ation of th is goal is usually on ly ach ieved via som e interm ediate variab le. This latter poin t leaves op en the question of wheth er an y nu m ber of oth er design creed s cou ld prod uce the sam e resu lt via a differen t design philosop hy. The n eed for furth er research is stressed ; this sh ou ld be focu sed on investigat ing the issu e m ore directly....
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sy6 - Urban Studies DOI:...

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