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Study Guide Exam II Soils in the Environment 1. Understand heat capacity of water and why water’s heat capacity is higher than for most liquids. 2. Know how water’s high heat capacity impacts soil temperature. 3. Know the 2 forces responsible for water movement in soils. 4. Know how adhesion and cohesion work together to create capillarity in soils. 5. Know the overall impact of soil texture, density and structure on capillarity. 6. Know how soil compaction would influence the strength of capillarity. 7. Know how macropores and micropores would exert different capillary forces on water. 8. Understand the examples of capillary forces given in slides 14-18, Lecture 11 9. Know the definition of potential energy. 10. Understand gravitational potential energy and how it is not impacted by soil properties. 11. Understand from where matric potential energy originates and how pore size influences matric potential 12. Know how matric potential energy is influenced by soil texture, density and structure.
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