yg17 - The dissemination of beliefs and practices from one...

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Cultural Change Technological change Technology Material artifacts and the knowledge and techniques required to use them Currently in a digital/information age Most prominent feature -> the spread of mass media (1950s TVs; 1990s internet) Cultural lag The gap between technology and material cultures and its social beliefs and institutions Ex: modes of communication alters interaction -> the cultural norms that governs this interaction still needs to catch up -> confusion, discomfort, conflict -> new norms in response Technological determinism The notion that developments in material culture provide the primary driving forces behind social organization and social change Computers & other forms of mass com. are defining who we become – how we think, feel and act in the world
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Cultural Change Cultural diffusion
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Unformatted text preview: The dissemination of beliefs and practices from one group to another Own elements of culture -> exposure -> appropriation of certain aspects Ex: Fast food restaurants overseas Usually occurs in the direction of more developed to less developed nations Cultural leveling The process by which cultures that were once distinct become increasingly similar Can occur in towns in the US or countries across the world Ex: Walmarts putting mom & pop stores out of business Culture in the 21 st Century Context For interactions, experiences, behaviors, motivations Necessary To situate our individual experiences Constantly changing From within and through contact with others Becoming one, yet maintaining local cultures Diversity Present within most industrialized nations More acceptable...
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yg17 - The dissemination of beliefs and practices from one...

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