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Unformatted text preview: In-Class Group Assignment Ch. 15: Religion & Science Instructions: Work together to answer the following questions. Each group member must write out his/her own answers on separate sheets of paper. Make sure to indicate your group number on the sheet you hand in. 1. Compare & contrast religion and science. Provide examples. 2. List the 3 main Western & Eastern religions. How are they similar and different from one another? 3. Name the 3 classical sociologists that described the functions of religion within a society. Describe those functions. 4. Name and describe 4 religious organizations. Provide examples of each. 5. How does the US differ from other countries with regard to religiosity? What are 4 explanations for this difference? 6. What is the status of religion on university campuses? How does this compare to the general population? 7. Name and describe 3 political debates that blur the boundaries of science and religion. Can you name other issues that also fall into this category? 8. List and describe the three norms of science. 9. How does Thomas Kuhn describe the process of scientific breakthroughs? How is this similar to the ways that religions change? 10. How has the funding of scientific research changed over the past 5 centuries? How could the nature of funding today be both problematic and beneficial? ...
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