yg36 - • Know the self-fulfilling prophecy(diagram...

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SYG 2000 Exam 3 Study Guide When reviewing the concepts, make sure you are able to not only identify and describe them, but also make sure you are able to apply the definitions. Think of examples that relate to or instances that would be illustrative of the concepts. Study/review the quizzes you have taken (they’re posted on e-learning). Chapter 12: The Family Know the definitions. What is the purpose of the family? What functions do they serve? How are they formed? Familiarize yourself with the different family forms. Know the origin/history of the nuclear family. Know the definitions. How do prejudice & discrimination differ? What are the different types & theories of both? Review the notes from the film – Race, power of an illusion. Know the main ideas of Peggy McIntosh’s article. What are the different types of racism?
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Unformatted text preview: • Know the self-fulfilling prophecy (diagram) Chapter 18: Mass Media • Know the definitions. • Know the types of mass media • Familiarize yourself with the section on Media Production & Consumption • How do we consume media? How does it shape our identities? • Review Globalization of the Media Chapter 15: Religion & Science • Know the definitions. • What are the similarities & differences between science & religion? • What do the classical theorists have to say about religion and its function within society? • Types of religious organizations (diagram) • Familiarize yourself with the status of religion on college campuses. • What are the norms of science? Can you describe them? • What is the state of religion in the US? In other nations? Diagrams • Self-fulfilling prophecy • Robert Merton’s Typology of Prejudice & Discrimination • Types of Religious Organizations...
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yg36 - • Know the self-fulfilling prophecy(diagram...

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