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SYG 2000 Exam 2 Study Guide When reviewing the concepts, make sure you are able to not only identify and describe them, but also make sure you are able to apply the definitions. Think of examples that relate to or instances that would be illustrative of the concepts. What is  How does deviance serve a purpose in society? Know the trends of crime in the US (not the actual statistics) with regard to race, What is stratification & social class? What are the different systems of stratification?
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Unformatted text preview: Poverty Theories of poverty & global inequality Chapter 9: Sex & Gender How does gender vary? Biological explanations of gender Cross-cultural research on gender How do we learn gender? How are genders unequal in the US? Politics of gender opposition, womens movements & feminism Chapter 10: Sexualities What is sexuality, sexual script & socialization? In what ways can sexuality be seen as a social construction? Past & contemporary studies of sexuality Types of sexual identities American Sexual Behavior & Identities Sexual inequality homophobia, heterosexism, sex tourism, pornography, sex education & birth control Chapter 14: Politics & Government Types of authority Political systems The political system in the US...
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