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gb3 - geography Dr Crum has rearranged Peng’s textbook to...

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Introduction to the Course You have probably considered international aspects of business in some of your business courses at the University of Florida. For example, both Principles of Management (MAN 3025) and Principles of Marketing (MAR 3023) devote an entire class and an entire textbook chapter to the topic. However, these courses don’t look at the broad picture when it comes to global business. Rather, they consider only how global business impacts the specific functional area of the firm that they are considering. In this class, we will take a broader view of global business. Any class in global business—like any class taught in college —is shaped by the biases of the instructor. Dr. Crum is an economist, so he will emphasize economics while discussing global business. However, this course will also consider global business in light of history, political science, culture, and
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Unformatted text preview: geography. Dr. Crum has rearranged Peng’s textbook to tell the story of global business in a very specific way. The order of topics that will tackle in this course is as follows: 1. Globalization 2. Why a firm would want to be involved in the global economy 3. Environmental variables affecting global business (culture, legal traditions) 4. The world financial environment (exchange rates, interest rates, inflation rates) 5. Methods of global expansion, and ways to manage globally 6. The importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) The field of global business is always changing, which is a challenge to Michael Peng, who authored Global Business. In his 2009 Update, he identifies important developments that occurred since the 2008 version of the his textbook was published....
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