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Example Group 1 – Reaction Paper January 12, 2010 When our group reviewed the final proposal written by Interactive Communications, Inc. regarding Wal-Mart, numerous elements of the report caught our attention. Collectively, we were surprised by the length and detail that was put into the report and felt much more confident about our own report after reading through it. I t brought our attention to how important relevance is, especially since the Wal-Mart topic is so relevant to the Gainesville community. We feel that we now have a better grasp on what is expected of us and what we need to do to succeed in this course. Overall, three main things stood out to us; the presentation, the quantitative data and the lack of ground-breaking information it presented. Each of us was impressed by the presentation of the report. We all thought that the template used was professional and neat, which encouraged us to keep reading. Additionally, the organization of the data in the report flows nicely and the progression of the report is very logical. It is evident that this group took a lot of time putting together a report that would be easy to read and understand. We also liked how within every section of the proposal, the group reiterated their thesis. This also helped the organization of the paper so readers could be constantly reminded of the group’s goals. The amount of quantitative data in this report is something that impressed all of us. The survey administered to Gainesville residents is relevant and written in a manner that allowed them to collect a lot of data from the respondents. Also, they made sure that their sample was random enough to get a good data pool. This is a detail that proved to be very important in their report and added credibility to their data. The graphs used also illustrate key points and are very easy to read and understand. They included enough graphs to illustrate their point without overloading their report with them. The SWOT analysis, while not quantitative, was also very thorough because it provided both an internal and external analysis of Wal- Mart and the Gainesville community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. However, our group did find some things that we did not like about this report. In the beginning pages of the report we felt that the group made their sentences too ‘wordy’ instead of getting to the point of their project. We felt that they could of utilized language that was more professional and concise
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pr22 - Example Group 1 Reaction Paper January 12, 2010 When...

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