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Informed Consent Protocol for Focus Group Project As part of a research project for PUR3500, Public Relations Research, at the College of Journalism and Mass Communication, students are exploring attitudes toward issues affecting college students. This project is being supervised by Dr. _________________, associate professor at the College. If you choose to participate in this research project, your identity will be kept confidential although data may be published. After you introduce yourself to other participants with a nickname, you will be asked to discuss the issue that affects college students' life. You do not have to discuss any topic you do not wish to discuss and you have a right to discontinue participation in this project at anytime you want to stop. The study will take approximately 1 hour. There is no anticipated risk nor benefit to you for this research. You will be compensated with _____________________________. You do not have to answer any question you do not wish to answer. Participants are free to withdraw their consent and to discontinue participation
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