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pr38 - Dear Colleagues Signing Up Your Own Account You may...

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Dear Colleagues, Signing Up Your Own Account You may now sign up for your own account by going to this website: https://ufljour.qualtrics.com . Please bookmark it for your future use. If it is your first time signing up for an account, click on Please click here to create an account and fill out the information requested. You will need a coupon code for the status of faculty user which will offer you unlimited surveys, responses, and functions. On the signup page, please use the following coupon code: UFqualtrics Student Account You may also have your students, both undergraduate and graduate, sign up to use the system. In that case, please have your students use the coupon code, studentqualtrics The student account is pretty similar to the faculty account except for a limit of 20 concurrent surveys (not the number of responses which is unlimited). The research suite will be most helpful for those of you who are teaching research methods courses. All of your students can sign up for their own accounts following the instruction provided. Support and Help
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