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Modern France-Mid ID - Modern France- ID Terms for Midterm...

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Modern France- ID Terms for Midterm Taille- tax in which all those w/o privileges had to pay. It was a privilege to be exempt from this tax, nobility and clergy did not have to pay it. Clergy instead gave a gift to the king each year. Major source of national income and unfairly levied on the Third Estate. Salt Tax- National tax on salt that varied from region to region. More inland regions had larger tax to pay because they could not produce salt like the regions on the coast. A salt police was put in place in order to regulate the lucrative business of salt smuggling; you could be killed for smuggling salt. Children and pregnant women encouraged to smuggle because they could not be executed. Corporations and Guilds- societal groups throughout France that would fight for the rights of the group. Corporations were bodies without statutory rights. Guilds had to receive charter from the king to produce and sell the goods they made in their city or region. Only a certain number of people selected to the guilds and they were attacked for this. Pays d’état- outer regions of France made up of first, second and third estate. Each regions estates general decided on the taxes to be levied on the region to pay to the central French government. The estates generals also bargained individually with the king on how much their region owed him. At one time these were sovereign nations that came under French control but remained somewhat independent. Pays d’eleccion- the inner regions of France that came under direct control of the King. There were no elections the king appointed intendents to run these regions and collect taxes. Sale of Office-
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Modern France-Mid ID - Modern France- ID Terms for Midterm...

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