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Modern France-Mid Outline

Modern France-Mid Outline - A It is customary in French...

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A. It is customary, in French historiography, to think of the “Old Regime” as having come to an end in 1789. In what sense is this an accurate description. In what sense is it not? Topic Sentence - They captured the king and declared themselves the ruling body of France, but did the National Assembly officially kill the Old Regime in 1789? Much evidence points to this as true. The official monarchy turned into a constitutional monarchy and the powers of the king reduced significantly. However, opposition to the new government continued to thrive throughout the 1790’s and even well in to the Nineteenth century. The foundation and principle of the Old Regime may have died with the takeover of the National Assembly, but the regime itself remained alive in the voices of opposition forces and counter revolutionaries. I. Reasons the Old Regime was dead a. Abolish monarchy i. Execution of Louis in 1793 b. Reorganization of land i. Sale of church lands c. Broke with religious beliefs in many ways i. De-Christianization ii. Civil constitution of the Clergy d. Tried to abolish calendar and system of measurement e. Old privileges gone i. Corporations, noble privileges, clergy, land reform f. People given the right to vote II. Reasons it survived a. Counter revolutionaries i. Vendee ii. Other conservatives iii. Catholics despised new republic b. Too radical i. Moderates looks towards a constitutional monarchy c. Other countries were against France
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i. Supported Louis XVI B. Toward the end of the period of the Constitutional Monarchy in 1848, one observer commented that the French Revolution had destroyed many privileges but had strengthened the principle of private property.
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Modern France-Mid Outline - A It is customary in French...

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