ancient greece important dates 510-252 BC

ancient greece important dates 510-252 BC - 510-450 kimon...

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Unformatted text preview: 510-450 kimon lifespan500-429 perikles lifespan5thcentury Athens = RICHEarly 5thcentury – Macedonian king decides to participate in Olympics, Greeks officially recognized Macedonia as part of Greece but they’re still considered separate489 kimons father is put on trial for the 2ndtime and fined, when he dies he leaves kimon in debt481 Greek alliance formed against Persia470s and 60s kimon becomes a well known general (Athens)470-396 guessed lifespan of Thucydides479-431 pentekontaetia (50 year pd between Persian and Peloponnesian wars)478/7 winter Athens rebuilds walls (themistokles)478/7 delian league forms (Delos)478 Pausanias sailed out as commander of Greek alliance, Greeks took Cyprus & Byzantium, Pausanias was recalled but found innocent477 Spartans send out Dorkis as new commander (finds d league)474 kimon took Skyros for Athens (dolopian pirates, bones of theseus)470 Pausanias recalled again for writing letters to the Persian king and was trapped til starvation in the temple of Athena469-399 lifespan of Socrates467 Naxos wants out bc they’re just making colonies, Athens threatens & says no – empire/imperialism begins467 Eurymedon – kimon’s biggest military victory land & sea at e. river465-63 Athens besieges Thasos in a dispute about mines & markets465ish earthquake in Sparta464-455 helot revolt (ithome)463 Thasos falls but pays to leave the alliance462/1 ephialtes’ reforms460-454 Athens loses all 200 ships in Egypt helping them revolt against Persia460-446 first Peloponnesian war (Athens, Argos, & Thessaly v Sparta & Corinth)458 long walls – fortifications of Athens458/7 perikles’ friend Aeschylus oresteia produces trilogy (Antigone) –Argos is good, perikles is good457 Tanagra –Athens march up to fight Spartans and lose. 6 days later they march up to Thebes and win at oenophyta457/6 zeugitai (hoplite class in Athens) made eligible for archonship456 Aegina fell to Athens (Dorian island)454/3 delian treasury moved to Athens – big spending451/0 citizenship law, perikles comes into powerLate 450s perikles proposes to pay jurors in dikasteria450ish 5 years truce negotiated between free citizen kimon and Sparta450ish kimon dies on an expedition to Cyprus but Athenians are victorious449 possible peace of kallias treaty between Athens and Persia447 building program under perikles447 koroneia – infantry battle Athens lost to Boeotia446 Euboea – revolt but Athenians hang onto it (perikles)446/5 30 years truce w Sparta, Athens lost everything444/3 Thucydides son of melesias ostracized for opposing perikles440s delian league members broke away440-437 weren’t allowed to ridicule alive people in comedies441-39 samian revolt – Samos reduced (perikles)435 Corcyra beat Corinth – fought on each side of civil war in epidamnus434 Corcyra asks Athens for alliance against Corinth433/2 Athens renewed old treaties with rhegion and leontini431 Athens about to go to war w Sparta and perikles makes a speech – leave gates open for Sparta to ravage...
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ancient greece important dates 510-252 BC - 510-450 kimon...

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