Syllabus - CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Section 0111 Section 2948...

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C ONSUMER B EHAVIOR MAR3503 Fall 2010 Section 0111: MW 3-4 (9:35am-11:30am) Matherly 120 Section 2948: MW 5-6 (11:45am-1:40pm) Matherly 120 Section 2950: MW 9-10 (4:05pm-6:00pm) Matherly 120 D R . R OBYN A. L E B OEUF Email: [email protected] Phone: 352-273-3274 Office: 205 Bryan Hall Office hours: Mondays, 2:45pm-3:45pm, Tuesdays, 3:00pm-5:00pm, and other times by appointment. Class website: Text: Solomon, Michael R. (2009). Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being, Eighth Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. The text is on reserve at Library West. A course pack (with all noteshells for the course) is available at Target Copy, 1412 W. University Avenue. If you prefer to print the noteshells yourself, you will find them on the course website. C OURSE D ESCRIPTION AND G OALS A successful marketing strategy must be built around an understanding of consumers. Even the most intricate strategy runs the risk of being useless if it ignores some fundamental facts about how people perceive and process information, make decisions, and form attitudes. Using lectures, examples, and discussions, this course will build upon research in psychology, marketing, and other social sciences to help you understand why consumers act as they do. As we learn how to characterize and predict consumer behavior, we will discuss implications for designing and implementing marketing strategies. A vital component of the course will be a focus on the research process. We will not only examine what is known about consumer behavior, but we will also explore how researchers have arrived at these conclusions. This should help you better understand the topics we cover and should also leave you better prepared to critically evaluate (and perhaps conduct) consumer research in the future. Specifically, completion of this course will provide you with: A foundation in basic consumer psychology. An understanding of the numerous variables that comprise and affect consumer behavior. Insight into how to investigate consumer behavior. Insight into the strategies that are most likely to reach, inform, and persuade consumers. Insight into the consumers who surround you, such as your friends, your family, and yourself. S TUDENT L EARNING O UTCOMES This course addresses the following “student learning outcomes” for the marketing major: Consumer behavior: Students will develop an understanding of consumer motivations and decision processes. Market segmentation: Students will develop an understanding of the traditional bases for segmentation and how segmentation can inform marketing strategy. Communications skills: Students will effectively produce, interpret, and analyze written text, oral messages, and multi-media presentations used in business. Critical thinking skills: Students will apply their substantive knowledge to marketing situations
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Syllabus - CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Section 0111 Section 2948...

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