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MMC1702 Exam 2 Study Guide - EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE Mainstream...

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EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE Mainstream Rock : Genre wise: a big tent with diverse music genres Business wise: carefully controlled and marketed music Style wise: radio-friendly with distinctive identity, still need to sound commercial however Mainstream Rock Since the mid 70s: Rock becomes diverse with different popular styles Less about spontaneity, more about mainstream audience Tech makes rock music much more salient Major labels dominate business with cross-marketing :(album + tour) Four- or eight-track tape : began to appear in cars and Learjets in 1965 Remained popular through the seventies Audio cassette : more enduring, by the seventies this new technology caught on, cassette sales grew much faster than vinyl Advantages: cassettes were smaller, and so were the playback devices Made it possible for consumers to assemble their own playlists Boom boxes/walkman : portable alternative to the home stereo (late seventies) RIAA : Record Industry Association of America Neilson SoundScan : the sales source for Billboard Gold record : sales of 500,000 (half a million) singles or albums Platinum record : sales of 1 million units of a single or album Diamond record : sales of 10 million or more units of a single or album Elton John : his career is one of the most fascinating professional metamorphoses in rock history His longevity and range of collaborations not only speaks to his music flexibility but his generous nature His flamboyance and showmanship on stage epitomized the excessive culture of the 70s
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John’s collaboration with lyricist Bernie Taupin is still intact after 40 years 80s: tough time for Elton John, emotionally and physically worn out, music suffered, a decade of personal upheaval and struggles 90s: “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” duet with George Micheal, revived his waning career in the 90s Bernie Taupin : Elton John’s lyricist, collaboration with him is still intact after 40 years Billy Joel : “Piano Man” off his debut album, put him on the map His lyrics have made many references to locations in the New York metropolitan area Face 2 Face Tour : joint tour between John/Joel since last year, one of the most popular and commercially successful tours Queen: Freddy Mercury (V), Brian May (G), John Deacon (B), Roger Taylor (D) Recognized for their contributions to many genres, including hard rock and heavy metal They epitomized stylistic diversity and complex arrangements Greatest Hits “Under Pressure” with David Bowie (1981): Greatest hits album became UKs all time best seller Their incorporation of audience participation is simply legendary Mercury’s death marked an important event in the history of AIDS, with the foundation of Mercury Phoenix Trust and organized his tribute concert known as “Concert for AIDS Awareness” KISS Paul Stanley (V,G), Gene Simmons (V,B) , Ace Frehley (G), Peter Criss (D)
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MMC1702 Exam 2 Study Guide - EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE Mainstream...

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