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Musical Theatre Review : a series of acts with a theme, a series of related acts -ex. The Zigfield Follies: wanted to glorify the American girl, showed naked women as art, very classy Burlesque : a parody of a serious subject, originally means to make fun of something - Minskes : burlesque shows, not classy, kept getting raided by the cops, not art oriented, more about sex Operetta : light opera, comedic opera Agnes de Mille : ballet choreographer, choreographed Oklahoma! , one of the first choreographer-directors Jerome Robbins : ballet choreographer, connection to HUAC, choreographer-director of
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Unformatted text preview: West Side Story Chapter 7 Function of Dance in Oklahoma ! : used to develop character and express ideas nonverbally-not just used as a break in the action to provide variety-the dance went beyond filling the stage with charming western idioms to accompany the songs Function of Dance in West Side Story : dance defined character and dramatized the action of the play-heavy use off jazz and gymnastics, with a ballet base-Latin dance styles were integrated into the Puerto Rican characters...
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