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Marketing the National Hockey League Case

Marketing the National Hockey League Case - these fans have...

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Marketing the National Hockey League Case 1. -Television advantages – commercials (awareness through corporate sponsors) -Television disadvantages - expensive -Young fan base advantages – natural appeal to younger age group, prime demographic for advertisers and sponsors, with a new increased interest merchandise sales rise -Young fan base disadvantages – will it hurt current fan base? -Exclusive rights 2. -hockey is not as popular as football, baseball, or basketball -males aged from 12-30 are the key demographics having an interest in hockey -hockey is much more popular in Canada -playing some sort of hockey and watching it on television are positively correlated with being interested in it -television promotions are the biggest source of finding out about nhl games 3. -hard to follow for people who don’t understand the game – increasing fan base most of
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Unformatted text preview: these fans have played or been exposed to some form of the sport-underexposure – if people are exposed to it more, there could be more interest-attempting to cap players salaries caused a strike – the biggest revenues come from gate receipts…growing the fan base will cause more ticket sales-merchandising also is a good source of income – increasing the fan base will result in an increase in these sales 4.I believe that concentrating on television and media will cause a rise in fan base in the specific demographics they were concentrating on. Many of the advertisers and sponsors appeal to this age group and will result in an increase in popularity with this group. Having appealing merchandise will also make the sport more popular with the age group. All these things should increase ticket sales which will increase profits....
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