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overview - competitors

overview - competitors - The second competitor is...

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Our business will have two main competitors in the region. One is the Exponent, Purdue’s school paper. The main difference with our paper is that it will be completely online. They do have a webpage along with Twitter and a Facebook page, but we will be offer more personal customization. Twitter updates and Facebook updates can be sent to cell phones, but we allow users to pick which sections they like updates about sent directly to their phone. Instead of having a bunch of information users do not want sent all day to them, they receive only what interests them.
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Unformatted text preview: The second competitor is Lafayette’s newspaper, Journal & Courier. One obvious difference that will make our company popular is we will not charge any subscription fees. They also have an online website, but it can be hard to navigate and is not very user friendly. If you want to look at an archived article, you have to pay for it. We will have everything available to users for free. Our employees will have a large amount of autonomy in what they choose to write about and they will have the luxury to work from home and not have set hours....
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