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Elizabeth Hopkins OBHR 330 Extra Credit I interviewed my mother, who is a manager at a deli. Work does interfere with her family and personal life. She deals with a lot of pressure at work. They recently got a new store manager and she is having a hard time getting along with him. He is really strict on making sure everyone takes breaks, so in order to get her tasks done, she is having to stay past her scheduled work hours. Then by the time she goes home, she isn't always in a good mood. She doesn't really have any personal activities she does just by herself.
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Unformatted text preview: She enjoys playing games on facebook, but she doesn't have any activities she does on her own outside the house. She doesn't feel like there is a difference between her personal time and time with family just because she is always so tired when she gets home. Unfortunetely, she doesn't see things getting better until after the holiday season. This time of year is really busy and she says they expect a lot out of you....
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