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obhr project - LIZS PORTION(Section 8 8...

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LIZ’S PORTION (Section 8): 8. LEADERSHIP (INFLUENCE AND STYLES) Identify two situations that will occur in your business which will require a leader(s) (e.g., a manager or executive) to use influence. Which types of influence tactics do you want your leader(s) to engage in during these situations and why? How do you plan to encourage such types of influence behaviors with your leader(s)? What types of leadership training programs will you offer your employees? Be specific and explain why you want to invest in such training for your leader(s). o Hint: Pages 506-7 only provide a short overview regarding leadership training options. Do some research on leadership training programs in similar existing businesses! Although the company’s main job is the writers, it is still very important to have good leaders to ensure everything goes smoothly. The editors will have the responsibilities of choosing the articles that will be published onto the website as well as the general organization and options for the site. Managers will have to ensure that the writers are meeting their deadlines and to deal with issues of when that might not always happen. Not all people who emerge as leaders end up being effective.
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obhr project - LIZS PORTION(Section 8 8...

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