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MS Project Tutorial - Appendix A Microsoft Project Tutorial...

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Appendix A Microsoft Project Tutorial Learning Objectives After reading this appendix, you will be able to: Become familiar with Microsoft Project Enter tasks, estimate task durations, and sequence tasks in Microsoft Project. Enter resources and assign resources. Track project progress. Report project status. Introduction In keeping with the technological focus of this textbook, this appendix will provide you with a basic introduction to Microsoft Project, a powerful project management software package that can help project staff to manage schedules and resources and to track project progress. Although several vendors provide project management software (see <o-link>Chapter 1</o-link>) across a variety of price points and a variety of specific industries, Microsoft Project is one of the most widely used project management software applications available. Considering its widespread use and its familiar Microsoft Office user interface, we chose Microsoft Project to illustrate how project management software in general can support and facilitate information systems project management. While the use of project management software can enhance and support the project management function, project management software should not be used in lieu of becoming familiar with the project management concepts presented in this textbook. This appendix is written with the expectation that the reader possesses some basic knowledge of the IS project management concepts presented in Chapters 1 through 12. Please use this appendix along with the chapters of this book to round out your project management knowledge and skills. Microsoft Project Basics If you do not already have Microsoft Project 2007, a trial version can be downloaded from Microsoft at: amily=project&culture=en-US. Please follow the directions on the Web site to install Microsoft Project on your computer. During the installation process, you will be asked whether you prefer the “typical” installation, or whether you want a “complete” or “custom” installation. The typical installation includes the most commonly used features of Microsoft Project; however, if you would prefer some additional features (e.g., PERT analysis), choose the complete installation. Microsoft Project 2007 is a Microsoft Office application, so it has many elements similar to other Office titles such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. To begin using Microsoft Project, A-1
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first start the application by clicking on the Start menu, All Programs, and select Microsoft Project, which is located in the Microsoft Office folder by default. Alternatively, if there is a program icon for Project on the desktop, double- click the icon to open Microsoft Project. The application will open with the screen shown in Figure A.1). Figure A.1
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MS Project Tutorial - Appendix A Microsoft Project Tutorial...

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