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Georgia State University Geology 1122: Introductory Geosciences II Earth’s Internal Processes Spring Semester 2011 Instructor : Dr. Jeff B. Chaumba Office : 389 Kell Hall. E-mail: jchaumba@gsu.edu Office Hours : T 3:00 – 4:00 pm and by appointment Text : Essentials of Geology, Stephen Marshak, W.W. Norton & Co. © 2009, 518p. Lectures : 11:00 am-12:15 pm; T, Th; Aderhold Learning Center 5 Credits: 4 (including lab component) Objectives : The objectives of this course are to learn about some of the important physical geologic processes which occurred a long time ago from the fossil record, evolution, how old our planet is, and how we determine the age of geologic materials. We are concerned about the important physical processes occurring at the Earth’s surface such as the hydrologic cycle, running water, glaciers, and global change. The course also aims to make students appreciate the importance of fossils in the evolution, stratigraphy, and the geologic time. The students will expected to be active participants in the scientific method through the laboratory exercises. Students will develop skills in critical thinking (via test questions), answering and posing questions (in class), elementary map reading and geologic interpretation (lab). Rationale: Geology 1122 focuses on the evolution of Earth through geologic time as well as significant surface processes such weathering and groundwater. Mechanism : In order to do well, read the assigned chapters in Marshak, attend the lectures and lab, and be an active participant in this course. As a way to prepare for tests, the questions at the end of each
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This note was uploaded on 02/04/2011 for the course GEOL 2001 taught by Professor Babaie during the Spring '08 term at Georgia State University, Atlanta.

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2011SGeol1122 - Georgia State University Geology 1122:...

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