ENGL 278-Paper 1 Directions

ENGL 278-Paper 1 Directions - ENGL 278Sitar PAPER 1...

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ENGL 278—Sitar PAPER 1: THESIS-DRIVEN CRITICAL ANALYSIS PAPER Length: 3-4 pages of writing with MLA-style in-text citations, plus cover page and Works Cited page (5-6 pages total) Due: At the beginning of class on Friday, October 22 Overview: After choosing one of the topics on the next page, write a critical analysis paper in which you investigate a series of questions (your topic) using your own thesis-driven argument. The essay should emphasize close reading and analysis of stories, novels, or poems. You should choose your topic based on which one you feel you can answer the best with a strong argument supported by sufficient hard evidence from the text. Requirements to write a successful essay: 1. Audience: Write for an audience that is already familiar with the text you are discussing. This means you should not include a turn-by-turn paraphrase; instead, when appropriate to your argument, limit yourself to including a brief (a sentence or two) context of what the poem is about to refresh the reader’s memory. 2. Thesis and Structure: Your essay should include an introduction with a clear thesis (see handout to review how to construct a clear thesis). The body of the essay should develop the argument and be structured using major points of your arguments. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that designates the point of that paragraph. The remainder of each paragraph should be used to develop and explain the facets of the point, using details and cited examples from the text. 3.
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ENGL 278-Paper 1 Directions - ENGL 278Sitar PAPER 1...

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