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mini proposal - EE 567 INTEGRATED POWER ELECTRONICS 250...

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EE 567 INTEGRATED POWER ELECTRONICS 250 watt Preregulator using UC3854 chip Mini Proposal Submitted date : 28 th April, 2009 Submitted By Abilash Ethanur Thuppale Email:[email protected] Ashwin Krishnan Hariharan Email:[email protected] Submitted to Dr. Douglas C. Hopkins Dept. of Electrical Engineering University at Buffalo Email: [email protected]
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TECHglyph1197ICAL COglyph1197TEglyph1197T 1. IDEglyph1197TIFICATIOglyph1197 Aglyph1197D SIGglyph1197IFICAglyph1197CE OF PROBLEM Every theory has to be tested and fulfilled in a lab for it to be used commercially for common man’s use. Every lab needs to have a neat and constant current or voltage source known as Power Supply. Power supplies are the most common equipment found in any electrical & electronics lab. In the lab, power supplies are used for various forms of inputs. But these power supplies are directly linked to the efficient working of the equipment being tested. If there are any forms of abnormality in the supply, then there will be variation in the output resulting in wrong diagnostics. Thus, the power supply in the labs plays a vital role in the testing conducted in these labs. Power supplies are equipments in the lab that are used to give current or voltage outputs for use in various other appliances. Power supply is a reference to a source of electrical power. A device or system that supplies electrical or other types of energy to an output load or group of loads is called a power supply unit or PSU . These PSUs have their own properties and inputs from a common source like an
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