Bio Lecture #1

Bio Lecture #1 - Organization = transfer Absorption...

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Biology Lecture #1 Ch 4: structure Pg 74: chloroplasts Ch. 8: photosynthesis Pg.74 Chloroplasts: Specialized plastid Lots of membranes 2 membranes Own DNA Thylakoid Stack of cookies=granum Stroma=liquid in chloroplast Stroma lamella=connect thylakoid Photosynthesis CO 2 +H 2 O= photosynthesis = food + O 2 Photosynthesis and O 2 ½ of our planet’s life had ~0% O 2 Photosynthesis changed O 2 levels Atmospheric composition: 78% N 2 , 21% O 2 , 1% other Photosynthesis & ozone O 3 =ozone Blocks UV light O 3 +UV=O+O 2 +heat Recycled O+O 2 =O 3 O 3 +O=2O 2 Visible light is part of EM spectrum Travels as waves Energy as a particle=photon Short wavelengths=high energy Long wavelengths= lower energy Pigments have selective color absorption Absorb visible light Photon absorbed light energy < >= no absorption = color Chlorophyll is an important pigment Function: Capture photons of light Transfer energy Chlorophyll a and b = structure difference Structure: Hydrophobic tail ‘Ring of excitation’
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Unformatted text preview: Organization = transfer Absorption spectrum of plant pigments 1* pigment: Chlorophyll a Accessory pigments: chlorophyll b & carotenoids Increased rage of wavelengths Cannot directly convert light to chem. Energy Photosynthesis is a 2 stage process 1. Light Reaction= Thylakoid a. Light energy to make NADPH and ATP 2. Calvin Cycle= Stroma a. Makes sugars b. Depend on products of light reactions The light reaction: a preview Primary photo event: capture of e- photon Charge separation= high energy e-e- transport Chemiosmosis Structure of a photosystem Function: 1. Max, light absorption 2. Organize to enable e- transfer Starting the light reaction with Photo system 2(PSII) *PSII is the primary photo event Function: Harvest light energy to transfer e-1) Photons excite 2) Transfer of shaking energy 3) Transfer of e- to primary acceptor...
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Bio Lecture #1 - Organization = transfer Absorption...

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