Bio Lecture #2

Bio Lecture #2 - Make NADPH out in stroma 2 reduced Fd and...

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Bio Lecture # 2 Light to chemical energy Redox- - light goes to chlorophyll, excites it - Chlorophyll gives e- to e- acceptor - H 2 O gives e- to chlorophyll (oxidation) H 2 O= 2 H + +2e-+1/2O 2 H 2 O is split to replace lost e- Special chlorophylls each lose e- e- must be replaced Replaced by splitting of H 2 O ½ O 2 is waste product of the reaction e- from H 2 O Transfer of e- from PSII 1. Plastoquinone a. Mobile e- carrier 2. Cyto chrome b 6 -f complex a. Mediate e- transfer and pump in H + (proton pump) 3. Plastocyanine (Pc) a. Mobile e- carrier Making ATP H + gradient formed Photophosphorylation H + turn the ATP synthase crank Makes ATP out in the stroma Chemiosmosis e- from Pc PSII Starting the light reaction with Photo system I (PSI) Function: Harvest light energy to transfer e- 1. Photons excite 2. Transfer of shaking energy 3. Transfer e- to primary acceptor 4. E- hole must be filled from PSII 5. E- transferred to Ferredoxin (Fd) NADP + reductase Function:
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Unformatted text preview: Make NADPH out in stroma 2 reduced Fd and NADP+=2oxidized Fd and NADPH 1ATP=1NADPH Cyclic electron flow PSI only Makes ATP No NADPH, No O 2 PS goes to Fd goes to b 6-f goes to Pc and repeats CALVIN CYCLE Makes sugar Depend on products of light reaction 3 phases i. Carbon fixation ii. Reduction iii. Regeneration i. Carbon Fixation Incorp. Of C from CO 2 to organic molecules, multiply everything by 6 to net one molecule 6RuBP + CO 2 = PGA Rubisco Key enzyme= Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase (RuBisCo) Most abundant protein Most important protein ii. Reduction (increase value of organic molecule) Reduction rearranges a double bond >potential energy Cost: 12 ATP Gives: 2 G3P 12 NADPH’s iii. Regeneration of RuBP Costs : 6 ATP Calvin Cycle in total: *6 6 CO 2 + 12 NADPH+18ATP = 1C 6 H 12 O 6 +12NADP + +18 ADP + 18 P i...
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Bio Lecture #2 - Make NADPH out in stroma 2 reduced Fd and...

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