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Bio Lecture #3 - -Night incorporates CO2 o Stores 4 C...

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January 31, 2011 Biology 212 Lecture Calvin Cycle Light reactions Cycle e- flow solves the problem 18ATP >12 NADPHs (Look at Calvin Cycle supplement under lecture number 6) Hot and dry conditions increase oxygenase activity o Plants must control H2O loss while taking in CO2 o Stomata controls pores on leaves, releasing of gases. Function Open- let CO2 in and O2 out open water loss Close- prevent water loss O2 builds up in plant - Oxygenase activity more likely when close pores C3 plants - Photosynthesis process we talked about on Friday - C4 plants minimize photorespiration - C4 plants are 5% of all plants - C4 inter mediate before Calvin cycle- spatial separation - Physical Separation in C4 plants o Calvin cycle in bundle sheath cell o C incorporation in mosophyll cell o PEP carboxylase= no oxygenase activity CAM plants - Minimize photosynthesis
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- Open pores during night - Close pores during day
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Unformatted text preview: -Night incorporates CO2 o Stores 4 C molecules in vacuoles -Day releases 4C molecules o Run light reaction and Calvin cycle (Have a picture but cant figure out how to draw on word) Plants- Three levels or organization o Organs- tissues with a common function Roots Stem Leaves o Tissues- group of cells with a common function or structure Dermal Vascular Ground o Plant cell Parencyhma Collenchyma Sclerenchyma Tracheids &vessel elements Sieve-tube elements Organs-Photosynthesis and storage Leaves-Scaffolds, transport and storage Steams-Anchoring, H2O and nutrient uptake and storage Roots Dermal Tissue-Protection-Prevent water loss-Specialized cells o Guard cells o Root hairs(close to root tips) maximize surface area o Trichomes- change airflow to minimize water flow, keeps insects away...
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Bio Lecture #3 - -Night incorporates CO2 o Stores 4 C...

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