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Chem Lecture #1 Midterm #2 Janurary 28, 2011 Pressure and Gases P-Pressure Air is composed of 78% N 2 P = ForceArea 21% O 2 1% Trace elements P= mm Hg or atm or torr or PSI or P or Barr 80% of the atm is in the lower 1/3 Chem Atm=760 mm of Hg= 760 torr = μrms 3RTMM , R= 8.314 Gas Moves fast
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Unformatted text preview: • Exerts pressure • KMT • Kinetic molecular theory (of gases) o Moves fast o Interactions-none o Size of actual gas is zero Equation of state Ideal gas law PV=nRT P=pressure (atm) V=volume (L) n=amount (mols) R=Constant (0.0821) T=temperature (K)...
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