Unit 7.3

Unit 7.3 - Unit 7.3 Notes The Atomic Bomb Timeline o In...

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Unit 7.3 Notes The Atomic Bomb Timeline o In 1934, Frederic and Irene Joliot-Curie of France discover artificial radioactivity, the radioactivity of atoms produced in transmutation experiments o That same year Enrico Fermi and Emilio Serge of Italy bombarded uranium with neutrons. They believe they have produced the world’s first transuranic element, but unknowingly achieve the world’s first nuclear fission o In 1938, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann of Germany split the uranium atom by bombarding it with neutrons and show that the elements barium and krypton are formed o Lisa Meitner conducts experiments erifying that heavy elements capture neutrons and form unstable products which undergo fission o Leo Szillard realizes that nuclear fission could be used to produce a bomb o In 1941, President Roosevelt decides to proceed with development of an atomic weapon and the US undertakes the Manhattan Project: Different projects through out the country in 1942 Goals: How to sustain a nuclear fission reaction o Discovered by Fermi at U of Chicago o Neutrons needed to be captured by fissionable nuclei before they escape the pile o Need to increase probability of neutrons crossing paths with another neutron by determining minimum amount of critical mass to create a nuclear fission chain reaction o Close Packing (3-dimensional) most is empty space neutron cloud How to enrich Uranium-235 o You need uranium to be pure enough (enriched) to make an atomic bomb (separate lighter gas) o Discovered in Tennessee o Gaseous diffusion, using a long tube, one will travel faster than another, separating it enough to purify. Therefore, use centrifuge, uranium is whirled inside complex motor assemblies and centrifugal force pushes the molecules containing the heavier isotope outside How to make Plutonium P-239 (artificial) o Discovered in Washington state o By Bombardment of U-238 with neutrons How to build a bomb o Discovered in New Mexico o
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Unit 7.3 - Unit 7.3 Notes The Atomic Bomb Timeline o In...

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