Unit 4-5.2 Notes

Unit 4-5.2 Notes - Unit 4 Notes The components of crude oil...

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Unit 4 Notes The components of crude oil are separated by fractional distillation a purification technique in which the components of a mixture are separated based on their different boiling points. Different temperatures in different parts of a distillation tower. End uses for products from the refining of crude oil include 84% is burned for heating and transportation, the rest for plastics, etc… Less than 50% can be used as gasoline The yield of gasoline from oil can be improved by cracking heavier molecules. Cracking is a process by which large molecules are broken into smaller ones. Unit 5.1 Notes Water facts: o 70% of the planet is covered by water o 60% of our body weight is water o 50% of the blood is water: Carries oxygen from the lungs to every single cell in the organism Carries CO2 to the lungs to be exhaled Transports nutrient to all the cells Transports toxic substances (waste) away from the cell o 77% of the brain is water o 2.2 million deaths worldwide from unsafe water and nine out of ten are children under five Where does drinking water come from? o Surface water: lakes, rivers, usually not ready for drinking o Groundwater: aquifers, pools of water trapped 50 to 500 feet below the surface is pure o Of all the possible drinking water (2.6% of the total water), 86% is frozen in glaciers Unusual Properties of Water (H2O) o Solid (ice)-(melting point, heat of fusion) liquid- (boiling point, heat of
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Unit 4-5.2 Notes - Unit 4 Notes The components of crude oil...

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