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Study Guide - Terms” in KJK a list of these terms can be...

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Exam #2 Study Guide The exam will cover the following material: class lectures from February 24 th through March 29 th , chapters 6 – 9 of KJK, and the assigned sections of chapters 6 – 9 of PP. It will consist of three sections: multiple choice, terms and historical events. More information regarding each section is below. Multiple Choice: The questions in this section will draw on class lectures and readings. Identification – Terms: The terms will be taken from the “Key
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Unformatted text preview: Terms” in KJK, a list of these terms can be found at the end of each chapter. You will be required to describe the term and explain its significance. Identification – Historical Events: The terms will be taken from class lectures, and may consist of constitutional amendments, elections, legislation, Supreme Court cases, and other major historical events. You will be required to give a brief summary of each event, and explain why it was important or significant....
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