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Chapter 14 Notes

Chapter 14 Notes - Chapter 14 The News Media News Media are...

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Chapter 14: The News Media News Media are the organizations that gather, package, and transmit the news through some proprietary communications technology Unit Cost is the cost of transmitting a news product to a consumer “Yellow Journalism” is a style of journalism born of intense competition and characterized by screaming headlines and sensational stories. Coined at the end of the nineteenth century, the term referred to the yellow ink in which the New York World’s comic strips were printed Muckraking is a journalistic investigation and exposure of scandals, corruption, and injustices, pioneered during the late nineteenth century progressive era Equal time is a “fairness” rule established by the Federal Communications Commissions to ensure that broadcasters offer balanced coverage of controversial issues. If a radio or television sells or gives airtime to one candidate for political office, it must provide the other candidates with equal time
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