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Chapter 13: Interest Groups Lobbyists are professionals who work to influence public policy in favor of their clients’ interests Interest Groups are organized groups of people seeking to influence public policy Lobbying are activities through which individuals, interest groups, and other institutions seek to influence public policy by persuading government officials to support their groups’ position Policy Gridlock is political paralysis in the face of pressing national problems. Public interest lobby is a group that promotes some conception of the public interest rather than the narrowly defined economic or other special interests of its members. Moral incentives are the personal satisfactions of active self-expression through contribution or other involvement to social causes. Selective incentives are private goods or benefits that induce rational actors to
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Unformatted text preview: participate in a collective effort to provide a collective good • Social Movements are unstructured aggregates of people sharing general values and a desire for social change • Insider tactics are interest group activities that include normal lobbying on Capitol Hill, working closely with members of Congress and contributing money to incumbents’ campaigns. Contrasts with outsider tactics. • Outsider tactics are interest group activities designed to influence elected officials by threatening to impose political costs on them if they do not respond. Tactics include marches, demonstrations, campaign contributions to opponents and electoral mobilization • Grassroots lobbying is lobbying conducted by rank-and-file members of an interest group. •...
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