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Chapter 8 Notes - Chapter 8 The Bureaucracy Bureaucracy is...

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Chapter 8: The Bureaucracy Bureaucracy is a complex structure of offices, tasks and rule in which employees have specific responsibilities and work within a hierarchy of authority. Government bureaucracies are charged with implementing policies Rotation in office is the practice of citizens serving in public office for a limited term and then returning to private life Spoils System is a system in which newly elected office holders award government jobs to political supporters and members of the same party. The term originated in the saying “to the victor go the spoils.” Red Tape is excessive paperwork leading to bureaucratic delay. The term originated in the seventeenth century, when English legal and governmental documents were bound with red colored tape. Clientele is the category of people or groups served by a bureaucratic agency Federal Register is a government publication listing all proposed federal regulations. Bureaucratic Culture
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