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Outline - Influence and Change Leadership

Outline - Influence and Change Leadership - 2.1 Describe...

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BADM 066 Organizational Behavior 1 Topic Outline and Learning Objectives Power, Influence and Change Leadership Related Chapters: Chapter 12 and 16 1. Power and Influence 1.1. Define power and contrast power and leadership 1.2. Describe the process through which one party has power over another 1.3. Describe the four contingencies of power (substitutability, centrality, visibility, discretion) 1.4. Describe the five bases of power, categorize them as personal vs. formal power, and summarize their relative effectiveness. 1.5. Define influence and the three possible responses to influence tactics (commitment, compliance, resistance) 1.6. Describe nine influence tactics and their relative effectiveness 2. Change Leadership
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Unformatted text preview: 2.1. Describe environmental factors that act as forces for change 2.2. Describe the QXA=E model for understanding effective change implementation 2.3. Describe Lewin’s unfreezing-changing-freezing model 2.4. Describe the different components of a model for implementing change (lead, communicate, launch, mobilize, sustain). Related to this model, describe 2.4.1. strategies for creating a sense of urgency 2.4.2. sources of resistance and strategies for overcoming resistance 2.4.3. how to align systems and structures to support the change 2.5. Describe what is meant by organizational development and explain the following OD techniques: sensitivity training, survey feedback, process consultation, appreciative inquiry...
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