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BADM 066 Organizational Behavior 1 Topic Outline and Learning Objectives Leadership Related Chapters: Chapter 11 1. Overview 1.1. Define leadership and contrast leadership and management 1.2. Describe the different ways in which leadership effectiveness can be assessed 2. Leadership Theories 2.1. Describe the trait approach and the leadership grid (or managerial grid) behavioral approach to leadership 2.2. Describe the following contingency theories of leadership
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Unformatted text preview: 2.2.1. Fiedler contingency model 2.2.2. Leader-member exchange 2.3. Contrast transactional and transformational leadership and describe the types of behaviors exhibited by transformational and transactional leaders. 2.4. Describe empowering leadership and the behaviors exhibited by empowering leaders. 2.5. Identify when leadership may not be necessary (leadership substitutes/neutralizers)...
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