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BADM 066 Organizational Behavior 1 Topic Outline and Learning Objectives Organizational Structure and Culture Related Chapters: Chapters 14 and 15 1. Organizational Structure 1.1. Define organizational structure 1.2. Describe the following design elements of an organization’s structure, their pros and cons, and current trends related to different design elements: 1.2.1. Work specialization 1.2.2. Departmentalization – What are the different departmentalization strategies? 1.2.3. Span of control 1.2.4. Centralization/Decentralization 1.2.5. Formalization 1.3. Compare and contrast hierarchical, virtual and boundaryless organizational structures 1.4. Compare and contrast mechanistic and organic organizational structures
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Unformatted text preview: 1.5. Describe the Burns and Stalker Model for contingency organizational design 2. Organizational Culture 2.1. Define organizational culture 2.2. Describe the Iceberg Model of Culture as a way to understand the different components of organizational culture 2.3. Describe the following as they relate to maintaining organizational cultures: 2.3.1. Socialization 2.3.2. Attraction-selection-attrition theory as they relate to 2.4. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of a strong organizational culture 3. Define person-organization fit and describe how it relates to employee performance and attitudes...
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